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Who is J.A. Rolston?  Judy Ann Rolston is the founder of J.A. Rolston Ltd.  After many years working in real estate for other brokerages and a real estate partnership, Judy did what not many women were doing in 1971, and struck out on her own and formed J.A. Rolston Ltd.

In 1971 there were many other local island brokerages however Judy’s commitment to consistently satisfying her customers’ needs is a leading factor in why J.A. Rolston Ltd. is the only surviving island brokerage from that era.

Judy was a driving force behind the scenes but it was Al and Albert Sr. Rolston who hit the streets and used their expertise and “island connections” to really put J.A. Rolston Ltd. on the map. 

The Rolston family has been in business on the island since the late 1800’s. When there was no such thing as a fridge or freezer, they owned the island’s first community refrigeration building where you could rent a locker and keep your food preserved. They also owned many general stores, a cheese factory, a rock quarry and extensive farmland stretching over thousands of acres.

Albert Sr. originally expanded the family business from farming to the service industry by founding Rolston Insurance which eventually expanded into the real estate business.  

In 2001 Judy and Al’s son Stephen, took over as broker of record where he remains today.  

We offer full service MLS brokerage including sales of Residential, Commercial, Investment, Acreage and Recreational Properties of all types. We are happy to show any other Brokerage listing you may see.


We have the largest sales team on Manitoulin Island ready to work for you! 

Our head office is prominently located in Little Current, the gateway to Manitoulin Island

Our team has the in depth local expertise and equipment to list, sell, show, the most unique properties in the district of Manitoulin

For the past ten years we have had the largest sales volume on Manitoulin Island, allowing us the largest advertising budget for brokerages in this area with promotions of our listings across Canada and the USA.

We are the oldest active real estate brokerage on the island. 

Rolston Realty specializes in accessing remote sites via boat, snowmobile, personal watercraft or ATV.

Al Rolston

Sales Person
Office: 705-368-2381

Alan Mihelchic

Sales Person
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Alois (Al) Frank

Sales Person
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J Alan Wright

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Jennifer Hooper

Sales Person
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Rob Norris

Sales Person
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Stephen Rolston

Broker of Record
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